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The Art of Reflection Andrew Logan at Buckland Abbey

It’s been a hectic few months, so this blog was put on hold, however just in time for Christmas I am starting up again.

Buckland Abbey had a Christmas faire it was packed and very busy, but as a bonus Andrew Logan had a display of some of his artwork throughout the Abbey. The art was very bold and bright, all bling and glitter, and if I had read about it before I went I would have assumed that it wouldn’t fit the surroundings.

However the contrast between the very old building and the ultra-modern art worked amazingly well.

I loved it, the way the light made the large glass pieces glow, or the shadows created by placing in more shadowed areas. The glitter and sheer unconstrained joy of the smaller pieces. It was a surprising and most welcome addition to the faire, and Andrew Logan has a new fan.

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As the weather was sunny we decided to go to Polperro. Polperro is one of those places the word “quaint” was invented for. Tiny white washed cottages, flowers everywhere, and it’s now mainly holiday lets.

It’s a small seaside village which surprisingly still has a working harbour. It only has a tiny beach that is covered in water at high tide but you can catch a water taxi to other beaches close by.

The main harbour area is car free, not because that is how the locals like it, but because the streets are too narrow to allow cars to travel through them.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and sit having a drink on a hot day as you watch the world stroll past.

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