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Chateau De Pierrefords

While we were in France we decided to visit Chateau De Pierrefords. It is where they filmed the BBC series Merlin. The Chateau looks lovely but inside it is a shell, perfect for filming but I am used to castles and historical houses being filled with many beautiful items for visitors to look at.

I suppose instead I should be glad that the Chateau survived fire, looting and destruction and was rebuilt, but it seems to me to be a shame.

It’s made me wonder if this is the case in all French historical buildings open to the public as Versailles was the same, only a few pieces of furniture the rest empty rooms. On a more practical note this means at least items wont get stolen and visitors can wonder around to their hearts content.

However they did have one interesting item, a suit of armour that was man sized. Usually the only armour you see is child sized, and I don’t believe that adult men who wielded great big swords and rode on large horses had shoulders and thighs that small. So it was nice to see a suit of armour that could fit a man. Up until now the only old armour I have seen that can fit a man is Henry 8ths. (As opposed to modern reproductions for Tourneys and exhibitions).