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Brixham Pirate Festival May 2018

I love the Brixham Pirate Festival.

Every year I turn up dressed to kill and just soak up the amazing atmosphere. Pirates of all ages, and all costumes from the simple to the historically accurate.

Scoundrals and scallywags, with ladies, wenches and strumpets.

The weather was amazing, the drink was flowing and as usual everyone was friendly and willing to chat over a drink or two.

Sea shanties and dance groups, partying on a Spanish Galleon as night fell, then up again to watch a raiding party board and fight.

The recoats fired their cannons, and the pirates their flintlocks, and a great time was had by all.

These are a few of the characters that make Brixham such a success.

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Enchanted Saltram

Saltram House Plymouth.

each Christmas we try to do as many places as we can, they are an amazing joy. and it keeps the child in me alive, each time I look at the pictures it brings back memories.

Every room was another fairy tale and the gardens were lit with many coloured changing lights.

It was a magical experience with thousands of fairy lights and decorations. The photos don’t really do justice to the experience.

A wonderful night full of magic.

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Penzance Pirates

Last weekend we went down to Penzance to take join in with the world record attempt to gather 15,000 people dressed as pirates in one place. The weather was hot, there was no shade, and getting a drink was nearly impossible in the designated areas as pirates were stacked 6 deep to get to the bar. This meant that many who wanted to participate either came late, and were caught by the hundreds of others who also had the same idea and so couldn’t get in on time, or who came and were unable to cope with the heat and lack of shade or drinks and so left.

However it was a fun day. What I don’t understand is Penzance city council. The landlady of the B&B we were staying at said that the local traders had been complaining that their shops were being deserted for out of centre shops and supermarkets. So here were at least 10,000 potential shoppers and Penzance city centre was closed as it was a Sunday. The Pirate stall/ship was also closed. The only thing there was to do in Penzance was drink. That many potential shoppers and no shops open, what a missed opportunity.

The other problem was I decided that rather than carry a big camera around all day I would try out my phone camera a Samsung Galaxy S7. The photos were great in low light but in daylight the regular camera worked better.

Sadly the world record attempt failed but we had a fun day and if they try again we will be back, however the next time we will take umbrellas for shade and drinks with us.

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As the weather was sunny we decided to go to Polperro. Polperro is one of those places the word “quaint” was invented for. Tiny white washed cottages, flowers everywhere, and it’s now mainly holiday lets.

It’s a small seaside village which surprisingly still has a working harbour. It only has a tiny beach that is covered in water at high tide but you can catch a water taxi to other beaches close by.

The main harbour area is car free, not because that is how the locals like it, but because the streets are too narrow to allow cars to travel through them.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and sit having a drink on a hot day as you watch the world stroll past.

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Chateau De Pierrefords

While we were in France we decided to visit Chateau De Pierrefords. It is where they filmed the BBC series Merlin. The Chateau looks lovely but inside it is a shell, perfect for filming but I am used to castles and historical houses being filled with many beautiful items for visitors to look at.

I suppose instead I should be glad that the Chateau survived fire, looting and destruction and was rebuilt, but it seems to me to be a shame.

It’s made me wonder if this is the case in all French historical buildings open to the public as Versailles was the same, only a few pieces of furniture the rest empty rooms. On a more practical note this means at least items wont get stolen and visitors can wonder around to their hearts content.

However they did have one interesting item, a suit of armour that was man sized. Usually the only armour you see is child sized, and I don’t believe that adult men who wielded great big swords and rode on large horses had shoulders and thighs that small. So it was nice to see a suit of armour that could fit a man. Up until now the only old armour I have seen that can fit a man is Henry 8ths. (As opposed to modern reproductions for Tourneys and exhibitions).


Disneyland Paris

At the end of May I went to Disney Paris. Its not somewhere I have visited before as I thought it was mainly for kids and I get bad motion sickness so don’t do thrill rides.
We had planned to go when the weather was supposedly about 18-20 degrees centigrade instead we had a mini heat wave and it turned out to be 27-30 degrees. So instead of a quiet mid week warm experience we had blazing hot sunshine and packed with people. (Why anyone would want to go in July and August amazes me).

I soon realized that Disney is not what I expected, it’s all about the rides, the characters are mainly locked away from the public, you could be at any ride based park without them. The toilets were disgusting and the ques were huge. Fast food HA! The ques for food were as long as for the rides, again at least an hour.

Disney is not for children, 40 minutes to have your photo with Minnie Mouse and 80 minutes for Belle? That’s just not suitable for kids especially not small ones. And queuing in hot sun for over an hour to go on rides is appalling for children. The Disney Princesses are locked away forcing you to que to see them, everything requires you to que.

I did enjoy it but it’s an adults playground in spite of the cookie cake type of buildings and look of the place.

If you’re expecting to see Disney characters walking around and easy interaction then you will be disappointed.

However the Illuminations and fireworks over the castle are amazing and well worth staying up for. Sadly my camera died just before they started so I was unable to take any photos.

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Brixham Pirate Weekend May 2017

May Bank Holiday weekend is always the Brixham Pirate festival.

Hundreds of Pirates from all over the country join together for a fun filled weekend of mingling, buying, and drinking. (Rape and pillage it seems is no longer in fashion for modern pirates).

Traditional, Steampunk, Gothic pirates all mixed together. Jack Sparrow and Bilbossa were there along with fortune tellers and mermaids. Plus the odd tourist who had come for the day not realising the town would be invaded by pirates. Many of them just bought a pirate hat and joined in with a smile.

This year we decided to go in costume so a massive camera bag wasn’t on the menu, so I didn’t take many photos. We only went for one day as the other 2 days of the weekend were rained out however it was a great day.


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