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Brixham Pirate Festival May 2018

I love the Brixham Pirate Festival.

Every year I turn up dressed to kill and just soak up the amazing atmosphere. Pirates of all ages, and all costumes from the simple to the historically accurate.

Scoundrals and scallywags, with ladies, wenches and strumpets.

The weather was amazing, the drink was flowing and as usual everyone was friendly and willing to chat over a drink or two.

Sea shanties and dance groups, partying on a Spanish Galleon as night fell, then up again to watch a raiding party board and fight.

The recoats fired their cannons, and the pirates their flintlocks, and a great time was had by all.

These are a few of the characters that make Brixham such a success.

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Pendennis Castle Medieval Joust

Every year in August Pendennis Castle has a Medieval Joust.

This year the weather was perfect, warm, overcast with a slight breeze. I couldent have wished for better.

It’s a wonderful day out with falconry, jousting, jesters and gruesome tales from the hangman.

This year I got to see a gyrfalcon in flight, it was amazingly fast and fun to watch. They had to leave the eagle on a tether, as the castle is on a peninsula and they were worried about it getting lost so close to the sea, but the size of it would have me worried with that beak so close to the falconers face.

As usual the Jousting took pride of place with the jousting area getting more developed every year. Sadly none of my pictures worked out as my viewing position wasn’t the best so I have included a good one from last year.

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Hat Pin Tutorial

Trying to find a decent hat pin these days is an impossible task. Often new ones are too frail to do the job or too short, and with vintage ones there is the worry of damaging them.

This is my way of making my own.

Start with a baiting needle.


Baiting needles are thin  hollow steel tubes with a point on one end. They can be between 9 and 12 inches long and can easily be cut to size with wire cutters. You can buy them at fishing supply shops.


First make an End Cap as the last thing you need is someone coming in close and getting hurt by this extremely sharp pointed end.

You can also do this if you have a vintage hat pin that has lost its end cap.

I did this by twirling copper wire around the needle to make a hollow tube the exact size of the needle. I then added a Swarovski element to the end of the tube and finished it off. You can use any type of thin beading wire.

Then I dipped the blunt end into jewellers glue and pushed on my beads. Again I used Swarovski elements but you can use any type you wish. Make sure the beads hole is large enough to go onto the needle before you dip it in the glue. I added extra glue to the end of the first bead to secure it.



As you can see its very easy and it should now look like this


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Brixham Pirate Weekend May 2017

May Bank Holiday weekend is always the Brixham Pirate festival.

Hundreds of Pirates from all over the country join together for a fun filled weekend of mingling, buying, and drinking. (Rape and pillage it seems is no longer in fashion for modern pirates).

Traditional, Steampunk, Gothic pirates all mixed together. Jack Sparrow and Bilbossa were there along with fortune tellers and mermaids. Plus the odd tourist who had come for the day not realising the town would be invaded by pirates. Many of them just bought a pirate hat and joined in with a smile.

This year we decided to go in costume so a massive camera bag wasn’t on the menu, so I didn’t take many photos. We only went for one day as the other 2 days of the weekend were rained out however it was a great day.


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