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Brixham Pirate Festival May 2018

I love the Brixham Pirate Festival.

Every year I turn up dressed to kill and just soak up the amazing atmosphere. Pirates of all ages, and all costumes from the simple to the historically accurate.

Scoundrals and scallywags, with ladies, wenches and strumpets.

The weather was amazing, the drink was flowing and as usual everyone was friendly and willing to chat over a drink or two.

Sea shanties and dance groups, partying on a Spanish Galleon as night fell, then up again to watch a raiding party board and fight.

The recoats fired their cannons, and the pirates their flintlocks, and a great time was had by all.

These are a few of the characters that make Brixham such a success.

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Knightshays Christmas

I had forgotten these photos hidden left on my memory card.

Knightshays is a wonderful house, filled with intricate dolls houses almost as fascinating as the main house. Each time I have visited it has been pouring with rain so I have not ventured into the gardens. It is my goal this year to visit in the summer and see the grounds as well as the interior of the house.

Enchanted Saltram

Saltram House Plymouth.

each Christmas we try to do as many places as we can, they are an amazing joy. and it keeps the child in me alive, each time I look at the pictures it brings back memories.

Every room was another fairy tale and the gardens were lit with many coloured changing lights.

It was a magical experience with thousands of fairy lights and decorations. The photos don’t really do justice to the experience.

A wonderful night full of magic.

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New Years Eve

Another new year. And another New Years Party. This one had a Disney theme. As I already had a pattern for a Georgian dress I decided to modify it and make a dress based upon the dancers of the prince’s court in the live action Beauty and the Beast film.

As this was meant to be a fantasy dress rather than an historically accurate dress I was able to cover it in Swarovski crystals and pearls which was fun and made a nice change. The bonus is that the dress will also double as a fairy godmother dress if I ever go to a fairy event.

So Happy New year, here’s hoping that 2018 is a good one.

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Lanhydrock Victorian Christmas

It’s that time of year again where all the National Trust properties get out their decorations. I try to go to as many as I can so there will be a few of these, also as I don’t have a lot of time to update this blog the photos will probably continue well past Christmas as I catch up.

Lanhydrock has a group of staff who are dedicated enough to also create all the food for the houses decoration, something which surprised me. So any food shown in these following photos is real.

The recipes are also original recipes from the time, the mincemeat one surprised me, I wonder when the meat was removed.

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The Art of Reflection Andrew Logan at Buckland Abbey

It’s been a hectic few months, so this blog was put on hold, however just in time for Christmas I am starting up again.

Buckland Abbey had a Christmas faire it was packed and very busy, but as a bonus Andrew Logan had a display of some of his artwork throughout the Abbey. The art was very bold and bright, all bling and glitter, and if I had read about it before I went I would have assumed that it wouldn’t fit the surroundings.

However the contrast between the very old building and the ultra-modern art worked amazingly well.

I loved it, the way the light made the large glass pieces glow, or the shadows created by placing in more shadowed areas. The glitter and sheer unconstrained joy of the smaller pieces. It was a surprising and most welcome addition to the faire, and Andrew Logan has a new fan.

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Penzance Pirates

Last weekend we went down to Penzance to take join in with the world record attempt to gather 15,000 people dressed as pirates in one place. The weather was hot, there was no shade, and getting a drink was nearly impossible in the designated areas as pirates were stacked 6 deep to get to the bar. This meant that many who wanted to participate either came late, and were caught by the hundreds of others who also had the same idea and so couldn’t get in on time, or who came and were unable to cope with the heat and lack of shade or drinks and so left.

However it was a fun day. What I don’t understand is Penzance city council. The landlady of the B&B we were staying at said that the local traders had been complaining that their shops were being deserted for out of centre shops and supermarkets. So here were at least 10,000 potential shoppers and Penzance city centre was closed as it was a Sunday. The Pirate stall/ship was also closed. The only thing there was to do in Penzance was drink. That many potential shoppers and no shops open, what a missed opportunity.

The other problem was I decided that rather than carry a big camera around all day I would try out my phone camera a Samsung Galaxy S7. The photos were great in low light but in daylight the regular camera worked better.

Sadly the world record attempt failed but we had a fun day and if they try again we will be back, however the next time we will take umbrellas for shade and drinks with us.

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