My world In Pictures

About Me

When I was a young girl my mother taught me how to embroider, I spent years embroidering chair backs, tea tray covers and pillowcases. When I was in my 30’s I took my embroidery to the next level by taking City and Guilds Design and Embroidery Part 1 & 2 intending to teach it to adults. Sadly the bottom fell out of the adult education budget and the places to teach just dried up.

So now I only embroider for pleasure.

When digital cameras arrived on the scene once I could afford one I became an avid photographer, constantly snapping wherever I go. So this is a blog shown in pictures not words as I think pictures often show what words fail to convey.

So this blog shows some of what I can do and some of the places I have been, it’s a very eclectic blog, a bit like life.


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